The Lake Yojoa Birding Blitz 2018

The Lake Yojoa Birding Blitz is a yearly event organized by Beaks and Peaks and the Honduran Ornithology Association (ASHO) – with the valuable support of several local and national organizations and instances – that offers an amazing combination of great birdwatching, excellent companionship and scientific research. Every year, we attempt to record the more than 500 bird species in the various national parks, private reserves and protected areas in the Lake Yojoa area. This unique birding experience is attended by many enthusiastic birdwatchers from both Honduras and abroad. Together they contribute to the monitoring of the bird life in this beautiful region.
The goal of the Lake Yojoa Birding Blitz is trifold. First of all, it aims to attract more birders and nature lovers to come and discover Honduras and the Lake Yojoa area. At the same time, the Blitz wants to be a platform where Honduran bird watchers and international birders can share and exchange experiences. And of course, the Lake Yojoa Birding Blitz was set up to monitor the bird life in the Lake Yojoa Basin, with the aim of providing data that can contribute to the implementation or development of conservation projects and strategies in the area.
Participants in the Lake Yojoa Birding Bltiz are distributed over various teams, each led by an expert birder who has ample knowledge of the birds in the area and is also an active eBird contributor. Over the course of three full days, each team visits different routes to register the variety of bird species. Each day, observations are gathered and introduced into eBird to get a better insight in presence, absence, abundance and evolution of the birds in the Lake Yojoa basin.
With your participation in the Lake Yojoa Birding Blitz, you contribute to a deeper scientific knowledge of the avifauna in this hugely biodiverse region and to the promotion of Honduras as a birdwatching and nature destination par excellence. Furthermore, part of the profit will be donated to the Honduran Ornithology Association (ASHO) and used to support conservation projects and local birders and bird watching clubs, organize training for aspiring bird guides, and encourage further data collection by means of bird counts and monitorings in the area and in other parts of the country.
So, if you want to see great birds, enjoy magnificent landscapes, make a bunch of new friends, contribute to science and to the development of our beautiful country as an avitourism destination, this is an event you can’t miss! In 2018 the Lake Yojoa Birding Blitz will take place from January 25th to 29th. Contact us for more information and bookings!
Also, Beaks and Peaks as organizer of the Birding Blitz offers pre and post Blitz tours to other top birding destinations in Honduras.

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